Custom Engagement Rings

If you crave something that's as unique as your love and packed with the personal significance, or if you have the stone, but not the setting, consider having her (and/or his) engagement ring custom designed.


How It Works

1. Find a design you love and contact us to chat!

Michael Goldberg, a G.I.A graduate gemologist will discuss with you either over the phone, email, or live chat.  He will gather information from you on ideas. Make sure to explore the internet for inspiration on engagement ring styles, trends and precious gemstones so you can share these ideas with Michael. 

   2.  Initial Consultation

 The design phase starts with a collaborative discussion whereby we gather the specifics of your custom design. We consider your visual inspiration and references (images, sketches, etc.) as well as product specifics such as center stone type, metal type, ring size, and accenting stones, in order to gain a thorough understanding of your vision.

3. Stone Selection

With a huge selection of G.I.A. graded diamonds and colored gemstones, Michael will hand pick stones according to your parameters, and the choice is now yours. Review as many options as you need before deciding on your center stone. 

4.  Fabrication

Your request will now go into production with our expert jeweler.  Michael has been designing with him for over 20 years and together they have produced countless stunning engagement rings! As we are creating a completely customized piece of jewelry, this custom process can take up to four weeks but we will notify you when it’s ready for delivery or collection.

5. Pick Up with Appraisal

Your ring is now complete, and you are ready to propose!

 As part of our commitment to excellence, we personally inspect every ring to ensure it is produced to the highest standards before placing it into our beautiful packaging. Indulgence Jewelers custom engagement rings all come complete with an appraisal and G.IA grading report.  You can choose to either collect your ring in-store or have your ring delivered, free of charge, by FedEx, or USPS Express Mail. Whichever you choose, we are here to make the experience as memorable as possible for you.


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